Sunday, 5 April 2009

Musical Sheep

Those of you who have listened to both episodes will have heard that the most recent has a rather more polished soundtrack. I found it incredibly difficult to get a good, podsafe song that had the sound I wanted. But thanks to the wizardry available through Garageband I was able to make one of my own. 

The lovely Hello Knitty was kind enough to say how much she liked the music and was disappointed it wasn't a 'proper' song that she could download. Well, who am I to disappoint my generous (and at this stage rather select) listeners? So, the full-length version has been uploaded to the podcast feed and you should be able to download it through iTunes by following the usual subscription link on the right. Enjoy!

By the way, if you're having problems accessing the first episode, my apologies. It was recorded and uploaded through a different computer and although it's set up correctly with the host website, I haven't quite straightened out Feedburner yet and sometimes it seems you get the second episode instead. The first is around if you have a hunt/follow a couple of click-throughs, but I'm working on fixing it. 

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