Sunday, 19 April 2009

Episode 4: Winifred & Kathleen

In this week's episode we're talking about grandparents, the Victoria & Albert Museum and some alternative night's out around London that mix the old and new. 

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  1. I love playing cards! We should have a knitting / card-playing picnic in hoxton square. I know we don't quite have enough hands for this, but surely it would just add to the fun...

    I do think that, until recently, older people were special because of the times they lived in and/or through. Like you said, they were often crafty out of necessity. It makes me worry about the generations of the information age. What will they have to offer their children and grandchildren? I know, cynical. But hoping the crafty revolution will cure humankind's ills...

  2. Card picnic brilliant scheme! We will have to try it this summer.

    As for future generations, we're all going to live forever aren't we? So I guess it won't matter so much...;) But agree craftiness cures pretty much everything...!