Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sheep Unplugged

To the 127 people who have downloaded the latest episode in the last 36 hours, I thank you. To the 169 people who have listened to the episode before that, I thank you too. However, you have slightly overwhelmed my humble podcasting system.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled, it's wonderful, really, but where in god's name have you all come from?! I thought I had about 50 listeners per episode and was jolly pleased with that, and now it's tripled in the space of a week!

In April, the little Sheep used 3GB of bandwidth. In May it was 13GB. And in June, it's 24GB in the first two weeks. 25GB is the limit of my current system, after which alternative plans must be made to save the Sheep from falling silent.

Hopefully, none of this should interrupt your listening pleasure, but if you have any problems downloading the show, this will probably be why. I'm sorting out some emergency bandwidth, so it should all keep working fine (I hope).

So please bear with me. I am beyond lucky to have a brother who is, well, brilliant generally, but also a tech-whizz who does this stuff for a living, so he's helping me sort out a slightly more grown-up website and some mega storage and bandwidth for the podcast.

But seriously, I'm thrilled and I thank all of you for listening.

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