Monday, 25 May 2009

Ep.9: Copyright & Wrong

Apologies again for the chaotic iTunes listings.  iTunes lists episodes by publishing date, I had two episodes out of sequence and one episode ended up with the wrong audio file attached. Correcting this meant re-publishing everything.  But then that meant subscribers kept getting previous episodes downloaded.  So I've stopped trying to fix it and am going to credit listeners with having enough intelligence to find the earlier episodes they want - they're all clearly labelled and, in any case, can be listened to out of order.

Anyway, back to this week.  We're talking about copyright.  In case that doesn't get your needles clicking, we're also taking a look at a new man-made fibre from Rowan and yet another unbelievable YouTube knitting video.

This week's links:

Holiday sweater (Ravelry)

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  1. On my itunes, all the episodes are in the right order!

    One reason I like buying patterns or books - beyond supporting the designer - is that I love the objects themselves. A pdf is a bit harder to love, though... but they're almost always so affordable, that it's not a struggle to pay up. Though I'm annoyed at the Berrocco website - I would like to buy just one pattern from a series they have, but I'd have to buy the whole booklet - I guess a bit like just wanting to buy the single, not the album...